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The Kendlalm as a fitness oasis.

46°01´18.7´´N 7°45´15.9´´E


The shimmering of the alpine air. You see further. And you feel more intensely. The colors are stronger, the herbs taste more aromatic - and everything smells of life. Because one thing is clear: with every additional meter above sea level, the air gets thinner. In the mountains, the body works at full speed and thus becomes more efficient.

Exercising or moving at around 1,500 meters above sea level strengthens the immune system and forces the body's own flights of fancy. The rule is: the longer, the better. The slower pace of life, the many hours of sunshine and the fresh air allow the body to recharge its batteries. High altitudes are also particularly low in allergens and pollutants and are therefore ideal for strengthening body, mind and soul.

Hiking in the Glemm Valley.

Up high and much higher still.

Summer in Hinterglemm means mountain enjoyment unlimited. Nature is still pristine, genuine and unspoiled, and you will quickly find yourself face to face with many an animal inhabitant of the Alps. And if you are interested in the alpine flora and its effects, you will also quickly discover many of the fragrant, highly effective ingredients for many a herbal tea or elixir. The grass and stone mountains around the Kendlalm and the Glemmtal with peaks from 1,400 to 2,000 m above sea level invite you to a wide variety of hikes in all degrees of difficulty and lengths on more than 400 km of hiking trails.




Mountain pleasure

Hiking Challenge - 400km of hiking trails - incredible scenery

On the road with the bike in the Glemmtal.

Uphill. Downhill.

Climbing new peaks with an e-bike or mountain bike. Literally as well as proverbially. Because Hinterglemm is a real bike Eldorado. 400 km of mountain bike trails, equally perfect for e-bikers. Marked routes offer the opportunity to explore the mountain world effortlessly and enjoy the landscape to the fullest. But flowing trails and tracks also give e-bikers the kick they need for an exciting day on the bike. Did you know that an e-bike battery can be charged to 80 percent in just 45 minutes?

What often seems impossible with the classic mountain bike for the amateur athlete is perfect sporting pleasure for everyone with the e-bike. To achieve the same speed, e-bikers need on average up to 30 percent less power. Specifically, a cyclist with electric assistance can cover three times the distance in the same amount of time at twice the cadence as a cyclist without motor assistance. This guarantees fast progress even in headwinds, and in the optimum load range to boot.

The Hiking Challenge

Three long-distance trails - one challenge: With a total of 64 kilometers and 3,800 meters of uphill elevation, the Saalbach Wander Challenge is quite a task even for athletic mountain freaks. The Pinzgau Walk, the Seven Summits of Saalbach Hinterglemm and the Home of Lässig Walk are on the program.  

Those who have completed all three will be rewarded with their very own trophy from the tourist office.

Home Of Lässig Walk

Home Of Lässig Walk

With around 1,700 meters of altitude, 5 peaks and about 22 kilometers, the "Home of lässig" walk offers "Nature unplugged". You can start either at the Rosswaldh+tte or at the Lindlingalm. Here you turn left after about 200 m up over Birgl to the Schusterscharte. The path leads steeply up to 1,985 m above sea level, but this way you have mastered a large portion of the altitude meters of this tour right at the beginning. In addition, the ascent is in the shade - a great advantage for summer tours. From the Schusterscharte you can recharge your batteries, because the route is relatively flat and leads over a beautiful plateau to the Mittagskogel and then even downhill to the Tor. Well recovered, you can now tackle the next steep climb to the Teufelssprung. The view from this rocky place is legendary, where according to legend the devil had a showdown with the local dairymen. Here, after about 4 hours of walking, we recommend a short break to recharge your batteries and have a snack before the most beautiful part of the hike.

Pinzgauer Spaziergang

Seven Summits

"Nature is still pristine, genuine and unspoiled, and you'll quickly find yourself eye to eye with many an animal inhabitant of the Alps."

Summer at the Kendlalm

The colors are stronger, the herbs taste more aromatic - and everything smells of life. Because one thing is clear: With every additional meter above the sea, the air gets thinner.

High up and
much higher still.

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